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Coaching is an intentional conversation about what you want for the rest of your life. Tell me what topic is so important to you, that if we were to begin a conversation about this topic today, years from now it would still be the most important topic of conversation going for you.


In our conversations we will objectively reflect on your current situation, uncover your strengths, develop new skills, give voice to the most important thing in the world, and set your intention. As a coach I have your your back as you deal with the challenging situations facing you, find the right people to lead your team, commit yourself to change, and receive both support and encouragement to do so.

Relationships Matter

Relationships are key to every success we have, and we want to cultivate relationships that are resilient, that lead to both successful and rewarding outcomes. When challenging situations manifest, partners in resilient relationships work together to solve problems and implement solutions. 

By working with Tim you will improve your situation, learn to be more resilient, and find solutions to personal and professional relational challenges.  You are ready to take responsibility for your part, and you would like to know what to do next.  This is when you hire a coach that understands human relations on a deeper level who can guide you to right actions. 

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Executive Coaching sessions are a great way for you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, learn to build the inner resolve needed to give you the strength to face any challenging situation, most importantly, learn how to live and love with resilience. 

Executive Round Tables are an effective means to learn how other people are relating to you.  With a new perspective you can set an intention for a new behavior, and receive both the support and encouragement needed to succeed. Round Tables are here to help you become aware of your own actions, the impact on others, and to facilitate change. Round tables are a place to be authentic. If you think you are ready to join a Round Table let me know.

Executive Hiring ensures the chosen candidate will fit in with your culture, goals, ambitions, and is in alignment with your long term strategy. When you have a company that is in alignment, you are ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to do their best, and the person coming on board will have an opportunity to succeed. 

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Executive Coaching and Executive Hiring Service

“It’s a mater of intention, choose who you want to be.”

~ Hager

Face challenging situations with ease, solve problems, implement solutions, and live with intention.

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