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Commit yourself to change, and receive both the support and encouragement to do so.

The Tulsa Life Coach Timothy Hager

Change begins with you

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“You get to choose who you will be.”

  • Lead with confidence

  • Manifest ideas with conviction

  • Hold your own in confrontations

  • Learn the art of self-regulation 

  • Know your strengths & when to use them

  • Resolve challenging situations 

  • Find your purpose & set your intention

  • Stop the arguing and focus on results


  • Learn skills to be calm in any situation 

  • Think clearly when others are triggered

  • Face your fears with confidence

  • Understand the cycles of emotional regulation

  • Step into a new way of seeing your situation

  • Create new possibilities

  • Learn to live with intention

  • Live with integrity

To live with intention, with purpose, schedule an initial consultation with Timothy to discuss your Personal and Professional challenges, and what you would like to accomplish.  

Face challenging situations with ease, solve problems, implement solutions, and live with intention.

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