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Take Action - End Stress

We all know about stress ... feel it in our chest sometimes. But what is it really?

Inside our brains are small organs called Amygdala, party of your limbic system. Little almond shaped organ in the middle of your brain. One of the purposes, to keep us safe.

Let's take a look at it at an example of what the Amygdala does for you: Imagine in this moment you're walking across the Serengeti and 50 yards from you is a Lion staring you down, what do you do? On some level you don't have to do anything, the first thing that happens is your Amygdala triggers a reaction, cortisol pumps into your body and your body is prompted to take action, it 's getting you ready to do something. Do you run from the Lion, do you take a stand and fight, or does your nervous system retreat into some level of paralysis?

In any situation your Amygdala perceives as threatening, your limbic system prepares you for action. But there's a catch, to prevent you from over analyzing the situation, to prevent you from getting lost in reverie about the nature of Lions and their hunger, your body turns off the parts of your brain responsible for rational thinking.

So what does this look like in real life. You're at work one day and you say something you shouldn't. Maybe you're at home and your wife, or husband says something that triggers you, and you do something that you wish you hadn't. Both in the moment, and later on you regret, you feel unsafe, you feel angry, you feel anxious.

Learn to self-regulate so that the external environment, the Lion, does not master control of you. Turn your anxiety into courage and take intelligent action.

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