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What We Don't Know

When you were a very little child you learned something that would impact the rest of your life. You either learned to attach securely, or not (Bowlby 1969, 1988). This secure attachment, or lack of secure attachment, impacts how you find safety in the world. When your nervous system does not know what a secure, safe relationship feels like, this lack of knowing predisposes you to dysregulate and experience anxiety.

We seem to be experiencing a significant amount of hypersensitivity in this world. Without secure attachment, your nervous system does not know who to trust. When you don't trust, your body has this need to fight, run, or develop some level of paralysis. Can your trust yourself?

As you gradually become aware of this lack of trust within yourself, as you begin to recognize how this lack of power feels in your body, you can choose differently.

Learn to recognize fear in you, in your partner, and in your employees. Learn the art of self regulation.

Timothy Hager

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